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David DonnerWelcome to the official website of Donner Motorsport, a Colorado Springs, Colorado based team that fields entries for David Donner. Donner Motorsport participates in many forms of motorsport, including professional and historic road-racing, but specializes in hillclimbs, especially the world famous Pikes Peak International Hillclimb.

Besides being a multiple Pikes Peak's International Hill Climb Champion and Veteran, Donner has raced at the professional level in sevaral contemporary and historic racing series.

Donner comes from a long line of motorsports excellence. His grand-father Robert Donner was active in the Colorado Springs business community and helped revive the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb in the post WW II years. His father Bobby Donner Jr. was also active in promotion of the event, but was also a strong participant, winning the race three times in Porsche 550 Spyder variants in the early 1960s before going on to become active in the international and domestic professional, club and historic racing scenes wth a series of Ferraris. David's older brother Bobby Donner III was a Pikes Peak winner with a promising career in motorsports when he tragically lost his life in freak accident involving a deer.


2015 News! Donner wins Pikes Peak Time Attack 2 with 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera Turbo S

David DonnerAfter a month of intense competition between Donner and road-racing champion Randy Posbst driving a 2009 Nissan GTR, Donner prevailed in the 93rd running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Donner, driving a 2014 Porsche turbo S, and Pobst were running neck and neck throughout testing and practice, often only split by one or two seconds. But race-day on the mountain showed a different mood as both competitors had problems of their own. Donner found that his Porsche -- after running flawlessly all month -- was having problems staying in the Sport Plus mode, severely limiting the available power as he climbed up the mountain. While the team thought a sub-10 minute time could be possible, they had to make due with a still-record time of 10:26.896. As strong as Pobst had been running, the Porsche of Colorado Springs team led by 2014 winning crew-cheif Dave Petitti felt vulnerable to the attack of veteran racer Pobst and his team led by Travis Smith. Their concern was for naught, as Pobst was caught unaware at Sump corner and skidded off course, ending his day and securing Donner a place in the record books with his fifth win on America's three classes and on three surfaces!

Donner had already been a four-time winner of the race, three times overall in the Open-wheel division driving a Donner/Dykstra DD3-Chevrolet special and once in the Unlimited division driving a Palatov special. His association with Porsche continues a long Donner family history with the brand. Donner’s dad Bob Donner Jr. won on America’s mountain three times in the late 50s and early 60s driving variations of the 550 Spyder. Donner also placed well in Time Attack in 2013 driving a GT3 Cup when he won pole position and placed second in class in the race.

For 2015, Donner was entered by Porsche of Colorado Springs with support from Porsche classics broker Road Scholars and several other sponsors. They based their effort on a 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S. They saw the car as the perfect challenger for the win in Time Attack 2. With nearly 600hp available, very large ceramic disc-brakes, and legendary Porsche handling, they saw it as the perfect mountain car. Given Pikes Peak’s 156 corners, Donner and the team were especially enthusiastic about the car’s 4-wheel steering. Porsche of Colorado Springs and Road Scholars are known to field strong entries for the event, recently fielding the 2014 Time Attack 2 winning entry of local driver Fred Veitch.

In the past, the Time Attack class was a catch-all for street-based cars like the Porsche 911, Ford Mustang, and Dodge Viper but its rules were wide open, meaning that production cars would be running against one-off purpose-built specials. Many considered the Hyundai Elantra that won overall in 2012 and took class honors in 2013 to be an all-out prototype housed in a street-car body. For the 2014 race, the division was split into Time Attack 1 for race-prepped street-based cars and Time Attack 2, which has strict rules restricting what kinds of things can be changed or removed from the cars. Time Attack 2 is meant to encourage both independent entrants and corporate manufacturers who would like to display the performance of their production models.

For 2015, the Time Attack 2 Class was one of the most hotly contested classes on the mountain and with increased interest for both domestic and foreign manufacturers, it is thought the class could be a hotly contested proving ground for several sports and specialty cars into the future.

David Donner

Donner is also a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) member and is currently available for precision driving, vehicle testing and commercials.